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Sync Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook

As we all know what Google is doing nowdays. Take over the android market and expanding its collection of products. Storing all the documents in Google Docs, Analaytics, and Calender are some of the top essentials. Making all your dates schedule is one of the most important thing. Many times this happened that i need to check some dates but its not available when i am not online. Sometimes Outlook is also not accessible due to internet or any such reasons. So now i found one good solution for it.

This is good for those who like Microsoft Outlook. Because, now you can connect your Google Calander to your Outlook Calender to synchronized with each other. Which keeps no doubt in out mind that it must have forgotten some event or some date.

Follow the steps below:

1. You need an installed version of Outlook. After that download this application which connects your Google Calendar with Outlook.

Download Google Calendar Sync.

2. After the installation, the setup screen will be displayed.

3. Enter your Gmail account details.

4. Choose yout type of synchronization, one-way or 2-way, depending on how to keep track of items. Preferablly, i would suggest to choose 2way sync to update both the calendar.

5. Then choose the time you need it everytime to sync. For that, 120 minutes is sufficient.

6. The application will be visible in teh System tray, the one which looks like a calendar.

7. Go to system tray and right click on the calendar icon.

8. From here you can control this application.

Now you’re able to sync Google Calendar with Outlook. Accordingly, You will also be able to sync Outlook with your smartphones, which means all your calendars will stay updated.

Download Google Calendar Sync here


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