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Facebook: File Sharing Feature For Facebook Groups

Yes, another Facebook post!!! I know we have already seen lots of post on the topic Facebook. I wont be listing it here because they are so many of them. Just search it on the blog with the text "Facebook".

Anyways, file sharing is something which we all know about. Google is already in a lead in this feature. You can upload and share the documents. I have already posted many things related to Share and upload and download. Search it on my blog. Anyways, now Facebook too is in competition with its new file sharing feature. It is now possible to share and upload the documents with anybody, using groups.

Lets find out how it works:

Facebook allows you to share files within a group.

1. To upload a file to a group, first navigate to the group and click the "Upload File" option.

2. Select a file to upload.
Note: There is no limit to upload number of files. But one file should be a max of 25mb. Also any type of file can be uploaded except for .exe's and music files.

3. Once the file is uploaded, a post will be added to your group's wall with all the details.
Note: This post will not appears on personal wall. It will be displayed only in the group wall. You can share the post with all your friends other than the group.

4. After a file is uploaded, any one from the group can view it or download it from the "File" Section.
Note: The user can also mark the file as Spam or Illegal.

Facebook also provides an interesting option of "Version Control". This helps us to upload multiple versions of same file and maintain proper history of them.

5. To download the file, just go to "Files" and click on download. This will display all the version history of the file having download option.
Note: File types like text, images, word documents, etc., provides a preview option.

6. You can also delete the version of the file accordingly. Like if you want to delete or remove a file from the group, you will have to delete all the versions of it.

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