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Soon You'll Be Able To Run Your Business From Anywhere, Thanks To Tech

Remember when you actually had to show up at an office to run a business? Ah, those were the days, weren’t they? But with the march of technological progress, those days are well behind us, at least for businesses that choose to take advantage of the new technology.

Technology brings with it some significant opportunities. For instance, it now allows users to connect with experts all over the world, sourcing those with knowledge in far-flung fields like media and marketing. Tech is also gradually eroding some of the barriers that previously dogged communication in the digital world. Virtual reality headsets promise to give users a genuine sense of presence, fooling them into thinking that they are actually right next to their colleagues when in fact they are not.

Embrace The Mobile Market:
New companies don’t bother developing their own systems anymore - at least not at first. Instead, they buy a bunch of off the shelf solutions, including a mobile credit card reader and enterprise resource planning applications. According to a survey by Tech City, only 10 percent of businesses developed their own payment systems, the rest chose to use cloud-based solutions and mobile apps already out there in the marketplace.

Leor Barth is the head of research and development at a software business. He says that online solutions, including payments, as well as HR and payroll, is allowing companies to free up resources that were once bogged down in administration. In turn, this is fostering communication between members of staff, since they have more time away from their desks to discuss ideas and strategy. New cloud-based enterprise resource planning software, he says, will allow better business decisions and faster communication based on real-time analytics.

Use Tech To Bring Customers Closer:
We all know how annoying it can be when a business doesn’t do a good enough job. In the past, performing badly wasn’t such a big deal for businesses since it took a while for the information to percolate through the community. But now, thanks to social media, everybody knows you are terrible straight away if somebody has a bad experience. This is why messaging tools like Slack are being used more and more. Businesses want to be able to instantly communicate with their customers before a social media riot kicks off, letting their customers know that they are working on the problem and trying to find a solution,

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According to Ed Molyneux from an accounting software company, Twitter is the best channel for making rapid responses to customers. The faster a company can respond, the more engaged customers will feel. Of course, Twitter is cloud-based and can be used out of office hours, so it can be harnessed to run a business from any location.

Face-To-Face On Mobile:
Online conferencing tools are becoming more popular, according to Chris Martin of Powwownow. He says that sophisticated apps like iMeet allow users to share their screens, take part in live chats and send instant messages. As long as attendees have a handset, they can take part.

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