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Do You Need To Consider Safety While Gaming?

Not many of us conduct full risk assessments when we’re at home. After all, we’re there to relax and rest after a long day at work! Unfortunately, our homes can be quite dangerous. According to RoSPA, there are more accidents here than anywhere else. Can gaming really become a safety issue though?

Anyone who is a fan of gaming will know that a long night online will result in a few unwanted aches and pains. So you sleep them off, and everything will be alright? Over time, poor posture that causes the pain or is caused by the pain will start to generate other problems. Tech is everywhere, and, for the most part, we sit to use it. Long hours in a seated position can even lead to deep vein thrombosis. These are pretty serious issues that can affect your health, so they certainly need to be addressed if you’re gaming a lot.

Just over a decade ago the Wii entered our lives. Within a few months, YouTube was full of videos of controllers flying out of hands, and gamers falling off their Fit boards. Hilarious as it might be for a viewer, they highlight some obvious safety hazards. These days hand held controllers for sports games tend to have wrist straps. There are also safety warnings about having enough space around you to avoid injury or damage.

Now the VR headsets are generating just as many YouTube ‘fail’ videos as users lose their bearings and their balance. Despite the cost of VR, user numbers continue to increase at a remarkable rate. Many of the games can be enjoyed from the comfort of your pc gaming chair. However, the temptation to stand and move around as your game-based character or avatar is doing could lead to more accidents. Do we now need to dedicate entire rooms to this, for the sake of safety?

As compelling an argument as this may be to submit to your partner, only a few of us can allocate a complete room to safe gaming. With no table, where are we going to put the drinks and snacks needed to sustain us through the small hours as we game? No room can be completely empty, devoid of cables and other trip hazards. So what can we do to make sure we’re as safe as we can be when we’re gaming?

As immersive as games can be, there needs to be an element of awareness while you’re playing. The odd spilled drink or dropped controller could be the least of your worries though. There are more and more studies into the phenomenon of ‘gamer’s thumb.' This is one of several terms given to the physical injuries incurred from using hand-held controllers for hours at a time. It is most commonly caused by repetitive actions that generate a repetitive strain injury or RSI.

Strained positions can also lead to trapped nerve disorders like a trapped ulnar nerve or carpal tunnel syndrome. Sadly, these conditions can mark the end of your gaming days due to the problems with movement and pain they can cause. Do you need to consider safety when you’re gaming?


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