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Using Technology To Upgrade Your Pet-Caring Business

It’s one endeavor to run a small business. It’s another entirely to perfect a pet caring business. Running kennels, grooming service or similar ascribes to you a level of responsibility not found in the average salon or parlor. If a mistake could affect a human, it’s seen in one light. If a mistake affects that same human’s pet, there’s likely to be an entirely different set of repercussions.

People care about their pets and rightly so. They grow into the structure of a family and often are seen as members themselves. They are arguably one of the most special members of the family. This doesn’t mean you should feel unnecessary pressure, but you should feel the urge to act correctly and responsibly in your pet caring business.

Making certain you do so needn’t be as hard as it’s been in the past. With the ever evolving digital world allowing us humans to strive to heights we could never have imagined, it’s only right that we bestow some of that technological affluence on our beloved pets.

Here are just a few ways you could revolutionize your pet-caring business:

Note-Taking Applications:
Using note taking software like Evernote or Sticky Note applications could allow you to jot down the finer requirements of a singular pet in a way that’s compiled in one area, instantly searchable and taggable with specific details. These details could be anything from specific medication requirements to the size of meals required. Having these nested in the IT solutions of your business will allow you to access a database of important notes that are readable by any employee, and keep you up-to-date of the nuances in your operations.

No matter what size operation you’re running, you need a way to most effectively track all of the budgeting requirements, client information and booking costs that make up the daily operations of your business. This could be as simple as crafting and keeping your dog grooming appointment book, or as intricate as noting and remembering what stylish haircut a fussy owner desires for their beloved pooch each season.

Medication Reminder Alarms:
Setting alarms on smart watches or on your laptop terminals for times to apply medication will make sure you never miss a dose for the bet. This will help for even the most commonly applied medications, such as worming tablets for dogs. Missing a dose can prove tricky for the correct remedy of the pet in question, and this difficulty is increased if you’re taking care of multiple dogs. Don’t allow your memory or note taking applications to keep this information stored. Apply audible alarms that force you to remember.

A trend taking off in the animal world is the use of microchips - scannable information tags that allow a carer to see the medical information, home address information and name of the select animal. This isn’t to suggest that you chip every dog who walks into your facility, but rather be able to compatible scan them and locate the information the owners give you by proxy.

As the old saying goes - do right by your pets, and they’ll do right by you. This goes tenfold if you look after people’s pets. Enact these tech-savvy solutions today and you’re sure to leave behind some happy clients, and happy new furry friends.


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