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A New Way Of Doing Things? Streaming Devices Which Open The Doors To Freedom

When we spoke about devices on which to watch our favorite programs in the past, our choices were limited. You got to choose between televisions, televisions, and well… Other televisions.

Now, though, the reality couldn’t be more different. With 98.75 million people worldwide signed up to Netflix, and more using other streaming services, our watching habits have changed beyond belief. And, so too have the devices on which we watch.

You can, of course, still watch on a television screen, and many choose to. But, part of the joy of streaming is the flexibility. In the current age, we love to be in control of what we do and when we do it. Stocking up on the right equipment means you can watch on your commute, or your lunch break. You can tune in from bed, or watch while preparing dinner. The streaming world will be yours for the taking. All you need do is consider your options. To help you gain some idea of what those are, we’re going to look at a few.


Sony Xperia Z4
First is the Sony Xperia Z4.  Bear in mind this is a pricey option. Depending on the customizable options you opt for, this bad boy could set you back up to $849.00. Regarding spec, this has one of the sharpest HD screens you’ll find, making it perfect for watching shows. The design is also waterproof and can go as far as withstanding small showers. So, if you fancy catching up on your anime in the shower, this is the option for you. Bear in mind, though, that water can get into the ports if you aren’t careful, so keep it short!

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3
At $139.99, the Lenovo Yoga is far cheaper, and, a look at the specifications is enough to see that this is the ideal streaming machine. With up to 18 hours battery life and a built in stand, you’ll struggle to find anything more suited to the purpose. The only downside is the Ram, at only 1GB. But then, with a price like that, you have to compromise somewhere.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
For a hefty price of $423.99, you could bag yourself a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Though pricey, these phones are ideal for streaming. First worth a mention is the 5.5-inch screen. While not matching a tablet, that isn’t bad going. The astute among you will also remember Samsung’s  boast, about being able to watch a season of Game of Thrones on one charge. That may be ambitious, but 12 hours of playing potential are enough to keep most of us happy.

Xiaomi Red Note 3
A cheaper option at $220.00, the Xiaomi Red Note has a charm of its own. In fact, it shares many plus points with the Samsung. The screen is the same, at 5.5 inches, and the HD LCD display won’t let you down. Plus, the battery life isn’t half bad. For the difference in price, it’s well worth considering.


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