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Windows vs. macOS: Which is Best for Your Business?

When it comes to any technological brand, there tends to be a battle between two giants at the top of the ladder. Xbox vs. PlayStation, Canon vs. Nikon, Android vs. iOS. One of the largest rivalries? Microsoft versus Apple in the computer industry. Both are hugely successful brands with their own loyal fan bases. But which operating system should you side with in order to get the most for your business: Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s OS? Let’s take a look and find out.

First Things First:
This is a comparison of operating systems, not devices. We will be comparing Windows and iOS, not Microsoft laptops and MacBook laptops. Macbooks are capable of running Windows too!

Windows is the leading operating system in the current market. According to data from the Federal Digital Analytics Programme, Microsoft Windows currently has an astounding 46.9 percent of the market share when it comes to the marketplace for operating systems. This is nothing new: the software has always dominated its field since its first release (version 1.0) in 1985. Since it has had numerous upgrades and the most current version available is Windows 10. This version has an improved desktop experience, taking the core ideas behind Windows 8 and making them much more attractive than 8’s dysfunctional and brightly colored start screen. The OS boots quickly and the system has Cortana, a voice controlled virtual assistant that mixes humor with functionality to help you find information fast with a personal touch.

The most current version is macOS High Sierra. Released in 2017, it improves on its predecessor (macOS Sierra) by focusing on the fundamentals: data, video, and graphics. It aims to offer a more reliable, capable and responsive service on Mac devices and is posed as a platform for future innovation. It automatically uses Apple File System (or APFS) as default, which is safe, secure and completely optimized for more modern storage systems like solid state drives. What’s more? It also has Metal 2, a new version of Apple’s Metal graphics API. This can allow you to develop VR content and supports machine learning and external GPUs.

There is a widespread myth that macOS is safer than Windows. Time and time again we will have heard that macs are immune to viruses, while Windows PCs are constantly prone to attack. To put things straight, this isn’t necessarily true. As Windows has a larger share of the market, those developing viruses are more likely to target Windows software than Apple software. However, MacBooks are not an impenetrable force: they are still very much open to the viruses that are targeted at them. To secure your business, you will need to use antivirus on all devices. You could greatly benefit from preventative monitoring and maintenance and immediate support when IT issues start to hold your business up.

So, now you know the basics of each operating system, you’ll be able to decide on which is best for your business! Different brands have different priorities, so it’s essential that you don’t make this decision lightly. Your operating system could make or break your productivity.


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