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Disbale or Stop Location Tracking in Windows 10

In today's world keeping the data safe is just like a myth. Keeping your smartphone, PC or laptop safe is just almost to impossible. Anything can be hacked. Now a days hacking using location tracking is becoming a major concern. One such feature in Windows 10 is the Location Tracking being turned on by Default. This allows Windows and other apps which have the permissions, to keep track of your location constantly. This can be useful in certain situation like, when you are searching for some good hotels, restaurants in the surrounding areas or while using Maps, but it also make you vulnerable to other who might want to know your location at any point of time.

Many times you don't want this to happen so like sharing your location. Location Tracking turned on helps Windows to keep track of your Location at all times and send the location details to certain App like Maps, Weather App (which shows the weather based on your location), nearby restaurants, hotels etc. Therefore, if want to turn off Location Tracking in Windows 10 follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Start button (Windows logo) on the bottom left corner of the display
  2. Now tap on the Gear Icon to enter Settings
  3. In the Settings Page you can see Privacy option with a Lock icon, Click on it to enter Privacy settings
  4. Here in the Side menu you can see Location option, click on it and you will be seeing the button “Change” click on it
  5. You will get a pop up box giving the option to Turn Off the location of the device, click on the toggle option to Turn i Off
  6. Now you have successfully turned Off Location Tracking for your Windows 10 Laptop or PC
If you wish to turn on Location service back you can follow the same steps as above. You also have the option for turning ON the location tracking for specific applications. The steps are very simple to do so. Even though if you want any hekp regarding this process, please drop a comment.


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