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How to share your home Wi-Fi without a password in iOS 11

Sharing WiFi is something that is known to everyone. We share our internet from mobile to other phone. We have to share our password and then allow the other person to accept it. One such feature that has been introduced by Apple in iOS11 is the ability to share your Wi-Fi password with other iOS 11 users. You don't have to remember your password or no need to write it somewhere.

With iOS 11, sharing that password just got much easier. That is, if you and all your friends happen to be using iOS devices running iOS 11 or computers running macOS High Sierra. You’ll also need to have their contact info saved in your device’s address book.

Lets see how this works:

 - iOS devices have to be running iOS 11 and have Bluetooth turned on.
 - You have to be in each other’s contacts.
 - Home owners can also use their Macs to share their Wi-Fi connection, but must be running MacOS Sierra for it to work.

If you meet the requirements, you can share your Wi-Fi password with other devices nearby without revealing the password.

  1. Instruct your guest to open up the usual Wi-Fi connection screen in settings, found under Settings > Wi-Fi
  2. Then they should tap the name of your network. 
  3. Then, when the password box is open and waiting for them, just slip in close and hold your devices close together.
  4. Just like pairing some AirPods, a box will pop up on your iPhone’s screen (or iPad, it that’s what you’re using), asking if you’re willing to share your Wi-Fi password. 
  5. Tap the button that allows it, and your friend is now on the network.
If you find it a bit difficult to follow this steps please drop a comment and let me know.


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