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How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android

WhatsApp is currently used by millions of users. From the day it was launched till today many changes has been made and new features were introduced. I will not be explaining all those new things in this post. The posts are already published, just search it on site. Today i will be exploring the new feature of WhatsApp. Some days back a feature called deleting of messages were introduced. If you mistakenly sent some message to someone or in group, you can immediately delete the message within 7 min. This is a great feature and was a must needed thing.

When this feature is used by some of your friends, you become curious to see what that message was. All you see a text saying, "This message was deleted". Yes, you cannot recover that message but atleast i tried to get some technique which will help me in doing it.

There is no built in app for this. But there is an third party app named as Notif Log notification history. What this app does? If you are aware that whenever a notification is received, it first gets log into system and then gets displayed. So if you miss some notification, it can still be found in the system somewhere. So lets see how this app works in getting the deleted notification.

1. Download and install the app and grant the Android Notification access permission.

2. Now you have to set the list of apps for which you want it to store the notification. You can do this by going to Setting and select Exclude app.

3. Now just wait for someone to delete the message.

You will get to see the notification in the app when it was received. Even when the message was deleted you can still get to see it in the app.

There is also another app which works the same as above. That app is Notification History Log. I hope this app fulfill your needs of reading deleted message. if you face any problem regarding this app, please comment below. Will try my best to help it.


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