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Check Airpods battery level on your Android device

We all must knowing about the earpods that Apple launched in 2016. It was major step in the market for wireless earphone. Due to which the company ignored the 3.5mm jack in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The best part of this airpods are that this will not only sync with iPhones but also with Android devices. Although its plays well with an OS coming from the rival company, one of the features Android Airpods users missed was keeping a track of the accessory's battery level.

But this is not a problem anymore. If you are of such user, who is using the Airpods with the Android and is not aware of the bettery level, then this post is for you. Though there is  nothing you get be default in the Android phone. But an third party app can help in doing so. Just install an app known "AirBattery".

This app supports Airpods and BeatsX wireless headphones. Using this app you can see the charge of your AirPods / BeatsX or just use the notification (pro) if you just want to have a quick look. The AirPods and BeatsX only send their battery status to Android devices in 10% increments.

The AirPods case don't have a Bluetooth transmitter. Therefore, the battery level of the case is only displayed when at least one AirPod is inserted in the case.

How to install AirBattery:
1. Go to Google Play Store and search for 'AirBattery'.

2. Find the particular app (developed by Georg Friedrich).

3. Install the app on your Android device.
4. Once installed open the lid of your connected Airpods charging case. This is show a popup on to your handset, revealing the battery levels of each Airpods and the battery case.
Note: The battery level of the Airpods and the battery case will only be displayed when both the earpieces are inside the case.

Let me know your view for the same. Just install the app and put your comments in the comments section.


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