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WhatsApp for Android gets much-needed lock for voice notes

Many of them are new features that make the popular messaging app easier and more convenient to use. WhatsApp has now released a new beta version for Android users that brings a feature that allows users to lock the voice recording/mic button. WhatsApp for Android has received a new beta version that brings the ability to lock recording of voice messages. This was previously added to WhatsApp for iPhone and is designed to let users conveniently record long voice messages without holding the record button down the entire time.

The new feature comes in handy while recording long voice clips, and spares the user from having to press and hold the recording button. In addition to the new voice recording lock feature, the latest WhatsApp for Android beta version 2.18.102 also lets the users know the size of WhatsApp stickers before they can download it.

The lock for voice recording feature is available only for WhatsApp Beta users and in the latest version (i.e. v2.18.102). Notably, the feature was already available for iOS users.

To lock for voice recording feature, you simply need to tap the mic icon at the bottom right of your WhatsApp chat page and swipe it upwards. This will bring up the lock symbol, which means the voice recording is now locked.

Once you are done recording the message, you can tap the send button (rocket icon) to send the message. But in case you change your mind, you can tap the 'cancel' option which deletes the voice recording.

WhatsApp is also said to be working on adding the option to preview the recorded voice message before sending. This feature could be introduced in a future update.


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