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How to Delete a WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive

WhatsApp has become part of everyone's life. No matter how but WhatsApp has sorted many problems within friends and also created huge fights between them. Yes, I am an example of it :). Anyways, as you know that WhatsApp backup all your chat history in Google Drive. But this data is stored in Google Drive in the form of hidden data. So, if you even try to verify this data in Google Drive, you will not be able to find it. But now, you will be able to find it and able to delete it, if needed.

You must be knowing that Facebook-owned messaging giant WhatsApp has announced that it will automatically delete data of users if the same hasn't been backed up on Google Drive manually. So, if you are someone who hasn't backed up media content along with WhatsApp chats on Google Drive for over an year.

If you are using WhatsApp on one particular smartphone for some time and if you haven't backed up data for over an year, then all data that hasn't been downloaded on your mobile could get automatically deleted. Also, those you have already signed in with Google Drive account on WhatsApp to backup files and haven't updated the backup for over year an year then WhatsApp will automatically delete the last Google Drive backup file. The deadline to manually backup on Google Drive is November 12.

All the chats that we have, this includes large multimedia files will not be stored in your Google Drive any longer. What this means is that all of your data will not be stored on Google Drive any longer. All the data that you have will be stored without using up the limited 15GB of Google Drive space that you have access to.

But because of the threat of privacy infringement and data theft that are always present, the data that you store on the cloud is never completely safe. You can remove WhatsApp data from your Google Drive. To do so:

  • Go to the Google Drive website and log in to your Google account.
    • If you're accessing the Google Drive website from your phone, you'll have to tap the Menu icon in the top left corner and then tap Desktop Version.
  • Click the Gear icon in the top right corner -> Settings -> Manage Apps.
  • Scroll until you find WhatsApp in the list. Please note it might take several minutes for WhatsApp to appear.
  • After you find WhatsApp in the list, wait until “Hidden app data” size comes up. This might also take several minutes.
  • Click OPTIONS -> Delete hidden app data -> DELETE.
  • Before you delete the data, the Drive will give you one last chance to rethink your choice, you will get the following pop-up message “xGB of hidden app data from WhatsApp Messenger will be deleted from Drive.” You can now click on Delete to confirm your choice.


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