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How to check PNR status using WhatsApp

Long banck chekcing your PNR status was a avery tedeous job. People needed to call Railway Station office and then needs to check status with them. Before that it was more like a complicated thing. You need to go there to check the status. But now you can check them on internet. But still for that you have to go to the browser and then check the status. Nowdyas, when you have mobile in your hand and WhatsApp is something that is always in use on your smartphones.

Therefore, to make thing easire,  Indian Railways recently announced partnership with online travel website Make My Trip. The tie-up brings information such as PNR status, live train status and more right on passenger's smartphones. Make sure you are using updated WhatsApp version. Here’s how it works:

Steps to follow:

  • Save a contact with number ‘7349389104’ (official MakeMyTrip WhatsApp).
  • After saving the number, open WhatsApp on your phone and refresh the contacts list.
  • Search the contact and tap on it to open the chat window.
  • Send your train number to check the live train status and to check the PNR status enter your PNR number.
  • After this, MakeMyTrip will send you the real-time train status or booking status of your PNR.

But you have to keep some things in mind. You will get the response only when you see blue tick on your message. Also, it can take some time based upon the number of enquiries or on server load.


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