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How to delink your Aadhaar from Paytm account

The recent Supreme Court judgement makes it clear that citizens are no longer required to link Aadhaar card details with their mobile numbers, bank accounts, digital wallets etc. While Aadhaar continues to be a valid photo and address ID proof, it is no longer mandatory to provide Aadhaar for opening new bank accounts, taking mobile connections and more.

Wondering how you can delink your Aadhaar card from bank account, Paytm account and other services where you may have shared it as KYC document?

Here is a step-by-step guide to remove your Aadhaar card from your Paytm account.
  • Call Paytm customer care at 01204456456 to access IVR
  • Press 1 to select the language
  • Press 2 to enter KYC querry section
  • Again, press 1 if you have the KYC query related to the number you are dialing from
  • In case you want KYC query for some other number that you are dialing then press 2, followed by the respective phone number
  • Press 1 to reach the customer care
  • Now, enter the passcode of your Paytm account
  • Press 9 again to talk to customer care executive
  • Tell the customer care executive that you wish to remove your Aadhaar card details linked to your Paytm account
  • The customer care executive will verify your identity by asking details like DOB, registered email ID and more
  • After this, you will receive an email on your registered email ID requesting you to send your Aadhaar card photo for further verification
  • On sending the photo of the Aadhaar card, you will receive another email to confirm the request
  • It will take up to 72 hours for your Aadhaar details to get delinked from Paytm account
  • Once done, you will get a confirmation mail from Paytm

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