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The top 5 things you ever wanted to know about swedish casinos

Casinos are legal in Sweden. In fact, some of the biggest casinos in Sweden are located in Stockholm. They include Casino Cosmopol Stockholm. You may find reviews on some of the best Swedish online casinos at allacasinononline website. All information regarding Swedish casinos may be found online through a small research. A few things have been highlighted below. Online gaming is fun. But you must get the facts regarding the online games, and their locations as well as regulations.

Here are the top 5 things you ever wanted to know about Swedish casinos

1. Online gambling addiction
Statistics show that people who are getting addicted to gaming online are on the rise in Swedish casinos. Though internet gaming is relatively new in most parts of the world, the Swedish casinos have more fans as compared to other casinos. Research shows that most people, however, gamble responsibly. But at least 3% of the online gaming fans struggle with the addiction.

2. Mobile gaming
Technology keeps changing and most online gaming websites understand that. That is why they optimize mobile phone platforms to take advantage of this fact. In most Swedish casinos, one is given the mobile phone option. Online gaming is on the rise hence most casinos in Sweden have incorporated mobile gaming aspect as well.

3. Legal implications
Though all forms on online gaming are legal and licensed, the country still closely monitors the activities of Casino management in Sweden. The Swedish Gambling Authority is in charge of licensing, monitoring supervision and auditing of all casinos in Sweden.

4. Types of casinos
There are four main casinos in Sweden. In addition, you may find casinos in pubs, arcades, and restaurants as well. Mainly, you will find Roulette, Omaha, punto and big wheel as the major games played in most of the casinos. You may find out more of the types of games you may play online in Swedish casinos through a small research. There are no casinos in major hotels in Sweden. But they are situated new hotels for fast access.

5. General information
They have limits as to who can participate in online gaming. Casinos are out of bounds for people under the age of twenty years. They may game online though. Some of the largest gaming websites originate from Sweden. They include BETSAFE, Unibet, NetEnt, and Expekt among others. Virtual currency gaming online is possible especially through bitcoins. The most common games in Swedish casinos is Bingo. You may opt for sports betting or Horse Racing but they are treated as separate entities to casinos.

All forms of gaming in Sweden are under monopoly. The EU has attempted to venture into the lucrative market unsuccessfully. But Swedish casinos are some of the best casinos in the world. Though you may not find them in major hotels. At most social places including the restaurants, you will find them there.


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