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Control and Keep Track of Your Children's Smartphone Usage using Google's Family Link App

Now days kids are very much attached to smartphones. They need it every time when they are at home or outside. Not only this, but they need their own smartphone. Parents to give them that too so that they will listen to them. But then, how are you going to control their use or track on them? But now they can. Google has launched its family link app in India. The main aim of this app is of parental control that allows parents to keep track of their children's smartphone activities. They can also set some ground rules for their children's on smartphone usage.

With Google Family Link app, parents can also view weekly and monthly reports showing how their kids use the smartphone. It also lets them set usages limitations by setting up the maximum hours within the app.

With all the regulations set by parents, the app also gives children's to opt-out of the supervision of their parents. In this case, the app will first notify the parents and if denied the kids may end up being locked out of the phone until they accept the supervision.

Now, if you are wondering on how to start using the app and what are the features, here's our ready-to-use-guide for you.

Before starting with the process, here are some key features of the app:
1. Set screen-time limits, day or night: Allows parents to monitor the amount of time their kids are spending on the smartphone and set a limit to that.
2. Track your kid's activities and whereabouts: Approve or disapprove the apps and services their kids are using. Parents can also authorize the app purchases.

Follow below steps:
  • Download the Google Family app for parents from the Google Play Store
  • Sign in using your Google account
  • Create a new Google account for their children (must be below the age of 13)
  • Download the app on the kid's device
  • Enter the code generated by the parent device into the child's phone
  • Once, both the device are connected parents can now set the screen-time limit, approve and disapprove apps or lock their phone as well.

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