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How to use toto results history to win toto

Winning the Toto lotto jackpot can be life-changing. That’s because it comes with a guaranteed winning of $1 million dollars. However, you don’t have to win the jackpot. Toto lotto can give you a nice income boost from time to time. All you have to do is be smart in how you approach the game. One smart approach to it is to analyze toto results in order to make a better prediction. To help you increase your chances of winning, here is how to use toto results history to win toto.

1. Use them to determine the number combinations with the highest odds
From a look a toto results, it is easy to determine which numbers have the highest odds of winning. For instance, from a look at most previous results, most winning numbers are usually a combination of odd and even numbers. Rarely does a combination of odd numbers alone, or even numbers win. With this information, you are in a better position to play numbers that are likely to win. You can even narrow down to the specific numbers that have a good history of winning in order to increase your odds.

2. Use them to analyze how winning numbers are spread out
Toto Lotto winners are usually spread out between 6 and 49.  While it is not possible to predict how the results will play out next, the results can give you a rough idea of how the results are likely to play out. For instance, if from your analysis you realize that the winning numbers tend to be split in half between the lower half of the number system, and the upper half, it would make sense to choose numbers that have a similar spread out when playing toto lotto. Your chances of winning would be much higher.

3. Use them to analyze winning numbers based on their sum totals
One of the best uses of toto results is in making predictions using sum totals. Looking at historical figures, one easily arrives at the conclusion that winning numbers tend to fall under a specific range. This information allows you to choose numbers whose sum total falls into the same range. Doing this does not guarantee you of winning the toto lotto, but it significantly increases your statistical odds of winning. It’s all about probability, and in this case, your odds of winning are higher.

4. Use them to identify cold numbers
A cold number is a number that has not been hit in several lottery winnings. While there are never guarantees that a cold number could guarantee you a win, it increases your statistical odds of winning. The best way to find such numbers is to use past lotto results. By using these results, it is easy to identify numbers that haven’t won in a while. Once you find numbers that haven’t won, try and play them. You would have a better chance of winning on the basis of mathematics and statistics. It can make all the difference in your lotto results, and probably hand you the jackpot.


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