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How to check the Apple iPhone you have bought is new or not

A lot of potential iPhone buyers these days prefer to buy devices online. While buying from renowned e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart or Paytm, there’s very little chance of being ‘duped’ or getting an old iPhone under the garb of a new one. There have been a few occurrences when customers have paid for new iPhones but have received old ones. If such a thing has happened with you then fret not as there is a clear way – with one catch – to find out if the iPhone you’ve bought is a new one or not.

You will have to follow these steps to know if the iPhone you’ve bought is new or not.
  • Switch on the iPhone and begin the setting up process
  • Follow the steps that appear on the screen of setting up a new iPhone.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi and if you have a new iPhone then the activation will continue smoothly.
  • If the iPhone is an old one then there’s a high probability that you will see an “Activation Lock” message.
  • If you see the “Activation Lock” then it’s clear that the iPhone has been used with some other Apple ID.
  • Immediately, hand the device back to the seller or start the online return process.
The catch we had mentioned in the beginning is related to an iPhone app. You should know that the activation lock message will appear if the iPhone has been linked to the Find my iPhone app.

If you still want to continue using the same model then you’ll have to get hold of the previous owner. Once you do that you’ll need them to use their Apple ID and password to continue setting up the iPhone. We do recommend that this something you should avoid and get a new iPhone only.


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