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GlobalTracking: One place to track your any order globally

Every now and then we are purchasing products online. The eCommerce market has taken a huge leap where now people are almost buying most of the things online. Now days we are even having option of buying things outside our country. They have their separate tracking system. This way every country has their own tracking system which can be tracked from online from anywhere.

For those who are in business and ordering huge products from different countries need to track their orders every time. Imagine a situation where you ahve ordered different product from different website which are of your country and some of outside your country. So when you need to track your order, you will have to open the site and check it on different website every time. This takes huge time and need to keep people for this task.

But now, there is a website where you can track all our order at once. Thanks to where you get an option to bulk track your all orders. No matter if the orders are from different country or from different carrier, they can all be tracked at one place. You also receive SMS for the orders you are tracking.

Go to the homepage and all you have to do is to enter your tracking numbers. You can enter as much tracking number you want. If you know the carrier, click on Carrier button and select the carrier. If not, just click on the Track button. You will get the list of status of all your orders.

They also has different website to track the orders from couriers like Yanwen and China-EMS.

Features of OrderTracking:
  • Global Order Tracking in One Place:
Bulk track and trace tool, support major global carriers. Automatic Matching courier, view multiple delivery status in a single page. Saves time of online order tracking for customer and merchant handling multiple orders.
  • Get Real-time Updates Anywhere:
Timely notifications of every global order, keep delivery details of orders informed by SMS. Track order status and location by just checking message from ordertracking. Helps to reduce the package loss rate.
  • Easy to Add Parcel-tracking Function:
Tracking API available with global couriers. Convenient to integrate tracking API and add parcel-tracking function to your own system. No need to build a completed tracking system by yourself, saving time for you and your team.

On Ordertracking, you can
  • Bulk Track DHL Packages in One Click
  • Access tracking from anywhere at any time
  • Follow up on Every Order by SMS
  • Track for online Customer&Merchant easily.

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