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PUBG Mobile introduces a 10-year ban for all players who are found cheating

PUBG Mobile is a game where you find a lot of players using mods and cheats to make the gameplay simpler for themselves. However, this spoils the gameplay experience of the other players who are trying to play honestly and win the game purely with their skills.

To curb this and provide a fair and leveled playing field for everyone, Tencent Games introduced a number of gaming standards that every player needed to follow to not get banned. The duration of that ban varied and users got banned from playing the game for short periods of time.

This caused a lot of users to take these gaming standards lightly and continue to cheat to win games and garner in-game rewards. Thus the problem still remained. In a first for the mobile gaming industry, Tencent Games has declared a 10-year ban on players found in violation of the PUBG Mobile gaming standards.

With the introduction of this ban, the company feels that players will stop using unfair means to win the game. Which would make the gaming experience of each player pleasant, fun and fair.

Tencent Games claims with the introduction of this ban unauthorized third-party apps or hacks that provide unfair advantages to players will be condemned. The game will now also let gamers report players who they suspect are cheating using the in-game reporting system. This will ensure that stringent action is taken against the players who are caught cheating. The game will also be publishing the IDs of confirmed cheaters.
The company states that this will be the default ban implemented on players from now on. Earlier the company used to address such issues on a monthly basis. Last month the company had issued a 10-year ban to over 3500 players.
List of PUBG Mobile cheats include Wallhack, Automatic Headshots of other players, Change Body Colors, Anti-Ban Feature, Speed-Shots, No Footprints and High Damage of enemies. There are a lot of cheats for the game that are floating around in the market, but these are the most popular ones.


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