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D2h Stream Set-Top Box, D2h Magic Stick Launched in India: All you need to know

D2h launched two new connected devices in India - an Android-based set-top box named D2h Stream and a voice-enabled stick with built-in support for Amazon's Alexa, the D2h Magic. The D2h Stream is priced at Rs. 3,999 for new subscribers and Rs. 2,499 for existing subscribers, while the D2h Magic stick is priced at Rs. 1,199 and is only available for select D2h subscribers. It is not known when the two products will be made available to customers.

D2h Stream Features
The Android-based set-top box, D2h Stream runs on Android TV 9.0 OS and apart from live TV channels, it also includes Google's Play Store, which allows viewers to download and stream content from OTT platforms. It also comes with built-in Google Assistant, Chromecast, and Dolby Audio. The D2h Stream also allows users to stream content from any device directly to their TV.

D2h Magic Features
The D2h Magic, on the other hand allows users to convert their D2h set-top box into an Alexa-enabled set-top box. It also comes in a bundled kit that comes with a dongle and a remote powered by Amazon Alexa. The D2h Magic brings Alexa support and access to popular OTT applications to people's existing set-top boxes. With the Magic stick voice commands, customers can use voice commands to interact with the set top box. It can also be used for booking cabs, reading news, setting reminders, accessing account details and select from a variety of movies, music, sports and more.

Anil Dua, Executive Director and Group CEO of Dish TV India, said that these launches aim to make the D2h brand the preferred option in every home.
These launches add to the lineup of Android and Alexa-based products from Dish TV. The company had launched its Android-based Dish SMRT Hub and an Alexa-enabled smart dongle called the Dish SMRT Kit in October 2019. Both the products launched in October were very similar to the products launched today. The SMRT Hub was an Android-based set-top box, while the SMRT Kit was an Alexa-based smart dongle that can be connected to another Dish TV set-top box, bringing online entertainment and Alexa support to an HD set-top box.


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