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How to Send WhatsApp Photos Videos at Full Resolution

WhatsApp has several hidden features and settings that not every user might know about. After recently updating the app to support dark mode (at last), WhatsApp is reportedly working on other features like "disappearing messages." But users don't need to wait for an update to discover something new about WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is designed in a way that allows users to take advantage of some basic features in new ways. For instance, sharing photos and videos using WhatsApp is a pretty common task, but some users have criticized the loss of resolution in doing so. In case of emergency, instantly sending photos or videos to someone over WhatsApp comes in handy, but not so much if you're looking at using those images and videos for post-processing.

In such events, users need to transfer files using a USB cable or use features like AirDrop to transfer media files without losing resolution. But there's a much simpler way to share photos and videos using WhatsApp without losing the full resolution. Below is the complete guide on sharing photos and videos at full resolution using WhatsApp.

Follow steps below:
Sharing photos, video using WhatsApp is as simple as selecting the files and choosing the recipient before hitting send. In case you wish to share the files at full resolution, there are a few added steps but they are well worth the effort.
  • Open WhatsApp and select the person you want to send the files to.
  • Tap the "Attachment" option and select "Document" instead of "Gallery."
  • Select the photo or video from the list and hit Send.
When the recipient receives the file, the photos and videos can be opened only after downloading the document file with the full resolution intact.

Alternatively, users can also send the media files as an attachment using ES File Explorer-like apps. Simply select all the files and choose to Archive them so a zip file is created. Then follow the same steps as above to share the zip file as a document to send the media files in their original resolution.


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