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Google Meet's New Feature Will Allow Users to Blur Their Background During Video Calls

Most of the people are working from home and attending all their call and meeting via video call. There has been many instance recorded when the user is attending the video call, they always had some interruption going behind. Like, small kids are playing, someone just roaming around the house without knowing that call is in progress. Therefore, to overcome this issue, Google is coming up with an interesting solution. Google Meet, the video conferencing service by Google, is reportedly working on a new feature that will blur users' background during a video call.

The development for this feature was spotted in the APK teardown of Google Meet version 41.5 for Android. It is also possible that the feature may not be rolled out to users at all as Google seems to be only testing it right now. Microsoft Teams is already providing this features to all their users.
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Not sure why Google is planning to launch it so late. It wont be a competition anymore of they decide to launch. Similarly, Google Meet's another competitor, Zoom also offers the option to replace or customize the background during a video call.

The benefits of this feature include a more aesthetically pleasing look as well as hiding the chaotic elements in the background. However, it appears that the Google Meet version 41.5 is currently limited to only certain regions. In India, Android users can currently download/update Google Meet version 41.0 via Google Play Store.


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