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Hide other app when sharing your screen on Windows 10

All imp work and most of the day to day life has been moved to online. Meetings, calls, chatting discussion has also been part of the online work now. People is working online and always share the screen with each another to discuss something or to get some help. Many time there can be a situation when you ask to share your screen and you don't have time or say forget to minimize other apps.

So you might be worrying the application that are running background while you share your screen on Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams. Though this apps provides an feature of blurring the background, but they don't do much for the background applications.

So, it should be a practice to minimize all the applications when you are sharing your screen online. Still, if you are a kind of person that forgets to minimize the screen, then the application "Cover Window" will come for your rescue.

Cover Windows is a portable tool that allows area sections of any window to be covered with other windows. One of the usefulness of this tool is that it allows the "Close" button of any window to be covered with another window, preventing users to accidentally clicking on the "Close" button!

How this works:
  • Download Cover Windows and run it. It doesn’t need to be installed since it is a portable app.
  • Click the ‘Create Cover Windows’ button and new, blank square on your desktop.
  • Resize it and position it over the window that you want to block.
  • Start sharing your screen and the window and app behind it will be obstructed.
  • To close/delete the window, click on it and tap the D key.
Just remember that, when you hover the mouse cursor over the taskbar icon for the app window, you will get a preview of it and it won’t be obstructed.

If you have multiple screens, it’s a good idea to move apps that you want to hide from view to the secondary screen or the one you aren’t sharing. You can use this app to obstruct just about anything on the screen since the cover can be resized. It also works for when you need to hide a part of the screen when you’re recording.

Just try this application and let me know what you feel for the same. If you find any problem, while installing or using this app, please comment below.


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