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PUBG Mobile's Tiny Livik Map Will Only Support 40-Player Matches: All You Need To Know

PUBG Mobile is getting Livik as a new map to let gamers play quick matches while on-the-go. The map was announced by the official PUBG Mobile account on Twitter. The team has built the Livik map exclusively for mobile gamers, who don't have hours to play matches on their smartphones. Thus, the idea is to provide a space where matches could be played as quickly as possible.

The Livik map on PUBG Mobile is aimed to bring more flexibility for players who have “tighter schedules” and are looking to squeeze in a quick match whenever they have some free time, producer Rick Li told The Verge. The map is two kilometres by two kilometres in size and has a room for supporting matches with up to 40 players at once. Further, each game on Livik will last around 15 minutes.

PUBG Mobile has used Nordic terrain as the theme for the Livik map. Despite being a small map, it does include a hot spring, volcano, and waterfall, among other points of interest.

“The waterfalls around the map will provide unique interactions with the player not available on other maps,” Li said. The producer also highlighted that there would also be surprise tactics, including “launching a motorboat off the top of a waterfall to the water below on an unsuspecting team.” The idea of making such changes is to provide a realistic battlefield experience through the new map.

Details about the availability of the Livik map aren't yet revealed. However, it is clear that it won't be something similar to earlier maps available on PUBG Mobile that were all aimed to deliver an experience in line with what's there for PC and console gamers.

PUBG Mobile's approach of providing some exclusivity to mobile gamers, along with a distinct feel and a different experience, is likely to help in its growing success. This is also unlike its arch-rival Fortnite that still offers chiefly the gameplay that's available on PC and consoles.

Li in his interview did suggest that quick matches wouldn't remain exclusive to mobile devices and eventually debut on PC and consoles. Having said that, the Livik map will initially bring the fresh experience only to mobile gamers. The beta version of PUBG Mobile includes the Livik map as a “secretmap”. However, the new experience is yet to be available for the masses.


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