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Due to this pandemic situation overseas travel was banned. People were not allowed to travel out of India or allowing people to come India from other country. But now, you will be able to get the international travel vaccine certificate. People who have taken both doses of COVID-19 vaccines and want to travel abroad can now download the WHO-compliant International Travel vaccine certificate via CoWIN. The online vaccine registration portal, CoWIN has introduced a new feature that allows the fully vaccinated individuals to download an international version of the COVID vaccine certificate that reflects their full date of birth.

CoWIN International Certificatte

The date will follow the "yyyy-mm-dd" (Year-Month-Day) format and it will be as per World Health Organization (WHO) standards for international travellers. The users will be able to download the WHO-compliant vaccine certificate from a new “International Travel Certificate" option on the CoWIN portal. Here’s how you can get the international travel vaccine certificate through CoWIN.

How to download the international travel certificate:
  • Login with your registered mobile number and OTP.
  • Once logged in, tap on the 'International Travel Certificate' option right next to the 'Certificate' option.
CoWIN International Certificatte
  • Now, enter all the required details such as, your passport number and DOB.
CoWIN International Certificatte
  • Click on the 'Submit Request' option.

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