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Samsung is primarily known for its smartphones and televisions in India. The South Korean tech giant, however, has a wide range of products, including home appliances. The new IntensiveWash Dishwasher from Samsung claims to eliminate 99.99 percent food bacteria. This new range has been made keeping in mind the growing concern of millions of people who are working from home as well as doing household chores. It caters to the hygiene requirements of the users as well as to create an advanced kitchen space in their homes.

Samsung launches IntensiveWash Dishwasher

It comes in four different models at a starting price of Rs 39,500. Samsung has launched the Dishwasher range in two colours as well. They come in Stainless Steel Silver and White.

Samsung’s Dishwashers effectively clean Indian cookware such as Cooker and Kadhai and come with 13 Place Settings that can accommodate a large variety of dishes of different sizes in one wash cycle. The IntensiveWash™ with Triple Rinse feature has three rinse cycles that effectively remove every stain from heavily soiled dishes and ensures elimination of 99.99% (certified by Intertek) of lingering food bacteria and gives you sparkling, hygienically clean dishes.

Samsung launches IntensiveWash Dishwasher

The dishwashers come with a Triple Rinse feature as well, which makes use of three rinse cycles for improved cleaning. Once the rinse and dry process is complete, the AutoRelease Drying feature allows the dishwasher door to automatically open by 10cm to allow steam to escape for faster and better drying results than conventional methods. This could be useful for automatically drying plastic plastic and small items. Additionally, this new range comes with an LED display and a smart leakage sensor to protect from any water leaks. Samsung says that its newly launched IntensiveWash dishwasher range silently washes for a quieter kitchen at 44 dB and 52 dB sound level.

It also comes with a Stainless Steel Tub that can handle much higher temperature for sterilising rinses. On the outside, the dishwasher comes with a fingerprint resistant finish to keep it away from smudges or any surface marks.

Samsung launches IntensiveWash Dishwasher

Additionally, the dishwasher comes with a smart Leakage sensor that immediately stops the cycle, drains the water, and shows an error message if any leakage is detected. Samsung said that its next-generation dishwashers are powered by insulation technology, which helps in reducing noise while washing.


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