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How to Connect Your PlayStation 4 Controller to Your Smartphone

Playing games is one of the way to kill time and boredom. From arcades to racing to battle royale games, the market is full of games that appeal to adults as well as children. No matter what the type of game is, it is always the best feeling to play. Similarly, using your touchscreen isn’t the only way to enjoy mobile games on your phone or tablet. Most Android 10 and above titles also support controller inputs and provide a relatively more comfortable way to enjoy gaming on your mobile device.


When it comes to choosing the system on which you want to play the game, people have different tastes. More and more mobile games are adding controller support, not to mention mobile game streaming services like Stadia or Game Pass Ultimate. Third-party controllers may not work with all of them, but the DualShock 4 is almost always on the list of supported accessories. Using a controller is more comfortable than touchscreen controls in certain games since your hands will have a more ergonomic posture.

Here's how to connect a PS4 controller to your Android phone or tablet.
  • If you have a PlayStation 4 then begin by switching off both your console and the PlayStation.
  • Next, enable the pairing mode on your PS4 controller. For this, just press and hold both the PS button and the share button together. A flashing blue light at the back of the console will indicate that the mode has been enabled.
  • To pair the controller with an android device or an iOS, first enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Look for “Wireless Controller" among other available Bluetooth devices. Scan, if the device name doesn’t appear in the list.
  • Pair with “DualShock 4" by pressing “OK."
  • Now you are all set to enjoy games on the smartphone with the controller connected.
When the process is done, you’ll be able to navigate through your home screen with your controller and play your favorite controller-compatible games without any issues.

However, it should be noted that not all games are compatible with PlayStation controllers, but you can continue to enjoy the many games available on the Play Store. Popular Android games that support controllers include Fortnite, GTA, Call of Duty Mobile, GRID Autosport, Limbo, and Max Payne Mobile.


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