Rooting Android Phones the Simplest Way

Some days back i have post a post regarding the rooting of Motorola Phones. But it has some complex steps to follow. So i have found a very simple way to root it. Not only Motorola phones but using this application you can root any android phones.

Rooting always requires an expertise to perform this operation. But, that is not the case now. Technology is advancing every day and many new applications are being developed to reduce the human effort.

One such application is Unlock Root. But, that is not the case now. With technology advancing every day, many new applications are being developed to reduce the human effort.

Steps to root android phones:
  1. Download & Install Unlock Root on your system.
  2. Turn the USB Debugging Mode on your mobile (go to Settings -> Applications -> Development -> check mark the box)
  3. Now, connect the Android mobile to the PC.
  4. Finally, click on “Unlock Root” & follow the step by step guide.
  5. That’s it! Your android phone is now rooted successfully.
Remember, to work this application, you need to install the drivers of your android phone into your pc.

The Unlock Root application supports only this android devices
There are also many other applications that are available on the android market, i haven't tried anyone of them but if you want you can try it on your own.

Note: Rooting expires your warranty. While following the above steps if any problem occurs, will not be responsible for it. You can take my help by posting your comment.

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