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WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger for android. Ofcourse, there are many other application but still i think WhatsApp is still the best. Yesterday we talked about the appearance of WhatsApp. There are many themes that you can install and change your old WhatsApp look. Today i will be focusing more on WhatsApp. Some days back my defy started giving me problem. It was because of virus that entered while surfing. The only option left for me was to format. But before that i took backup of all my apps. I asked many of my friends on how to backup? But none of them were sure. Then i surfed on the Internet and i found very simple steps.

There are plenty of application using which you can backup your chats, but most of them requires Rooting. Click here to learn on how to root any android phone in some steps. I found very easy steps to take the backup without rooting your phone. Fortunately, WhatsApp automatically makes backups every 24 hours and stores them on the microSD memory card of your Android phone. To restore the most recent back up, you will need to delete and reinstall WhatsApp.

Follow the steps below to backup WhatsApp Conversations:

1. Make sure you use some File Explorer to take the backup and also for renaming the files.

2. Now open WhatsApp. Click on the Menu/Option button -> Settings -> Chat Preferences -> Chat History Backup.

3. You will see a message saying. "Creating a backup on the SD card. {And a message set by you to automatically backup the chats}".

4. The backup file will be stored on your SD card in the path, /sdcard/WhatsApp/Database/

5. The file will be saved as "msgstore.db.crypt.current"
Note: Each time you create the backup, the current backup file gets a name as current at the end, so that you don't get confuse while restoring.

How to Restore your chats from a backup:

1. To restore your backup file, first delete WhatsApp.

2. Then decide which file you need to restore.

3. The backup file gets store in the format "msgstore.db.crypt.current". Along with this file, any previous backup file is store in the format "msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt". So please make sure you don't get confused.

4. Now rename the "msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt" to "msgstore.db.crypt".

5. Now install WhatsApp.

6. Once the installation is completed, it will ask you for restore, tap "Yes".

You will now be able to see your restored messages. If you want to revert the restoration, simply change the backup file name back to what it was, rename "msgstore.db.crypt.current" to "msgstore.db.crypt", and follow these steps again.


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  1. @knowledgeofbook: thats great

  2. hello sir ...hws ru.....i want restore my wtsup chat..but some problem is ...the chat will be restore in encrypted mode..i want encrypted to decypt the chat how can it posble

  3. Hi Gaurav, if you want to view your message in your WhatsApp, there is no need to decrypt it. WhatsApp can read your message from the crypted file. BTW, where do you want to decrypt your chats

  4. suppose sir....i delete tht no on my phone and wtsup then i want see her/his chat or not..bocz i have no anroid ph....and sir 1 another software...backuplogs..kya is mai last 500 call detail nikal ati hai ka nai.....agar ati hai to vo xml file hai usko read kese kiya jaiye

  5. one more quetion.....if a want my all wtsup chat go to my emailid but account is already craete .....

  6. Hi Gaurav, if the call logs are getting stored in an xml file, you can read it in Microsoft Excel.

  7. In WhatsApp you have an option to send your chat conversation to your email.

    Is this what you were asking, or its something else. You can talk in hindi or marathi if you want.


  8. mai yeh kehna chahta hu ...agar humne ph se kisi ka no del kar diya ho to tabi bi chat history mil sakti uski ....

  9. Nahi.... agar kisika phone number delete kar diya aur agar wo number kisi service se connected nahi hai (like Google address or other) to uski chat history whatsapp par nahi mil sakti... I just tried this :)

  10. ap apni personal id do mujhe

  11. Hi Gaurav, actually my comment was a bit wrong, even if you delete the contact from your phone, you can still view the chat history by that person's number (but not name, since its deleted).
    You can contact me on,

  12. maine apko apki personal id pe mail kari u cnt rly me

  13. Dear Sir I have a what app message folder with the below name format and wish to recover it , is it possible .

  14. Hi Sushant, if this file is the whatsapp folder, you can read it directly in the whatsapp conversation. But if you have copied it or took it from other phone, then whatsapp read only messages that are 3 days ago, from the date it has been removed. So just check it and let me know.

  15. mainey raat ko chatting kiya aur deleted kar diya bina backup ke , so kya mai isko retrieve kar sakta hun..pls reply

  16. Hi Chintan, I would like to know whether I can retrieve Watsapp chat for the last sixm I nths which I deleted. If so, kindly advise the procedure.

  17. Hi to you, my problem is ... each time i have to upload a recent version, i need to delete the app because of a lack of memory.
    That's ok, BUT each time the app does not ask to restore my old messages.
    So what ?
    Thanks for your help

  18. Hi ED,
    Before you delete your previous version, make sure to take the backup of the WhatsApp folder from the SD card. Then when you are trying to install it again, paste that backup WhatsApp folder in the sd card and then try to install it again. Then it will ask you for the Recovery chat conversation option.

  19. hello! so here is my question: now that whatsapp automatically backsup all its messages to icloud, how can I read the messages on my pc without having the phone present? help is very appreciated. thanks

  20. I think you are talking about iPhone. But why you need to read the messages on PC? There are some tools that are available online using which you can read the WhatsApp message directly from the WhatsApp backup message file. But for that you will need good understanding of Visual Basic and Database (SQL).

    Hope this helps.. :)

  21. Thx Chintan, I made a full backup of the content of my phone before deleting the app, BUT not so sure of what you mean when you say "in the SD card" ?

  22. Sorry, I just understand ... /sdcard/Whatsapp/Databases ...

    So that's what I did, and i was never asked for the recovery option !
    Someone at the support once told me, it's because my files are corrupted ... then they're corrupted each and every time !
    Grrrrrrr ................ ;-)

  23. If you have your WhatsApp installed in the SD card

  24. how it can be transfer chat history or msg from nokia n8 to android ...?

  25. No a direct way. Or you can contact Backuptrans for help.

  26. Hi i have already mailed you the detail steps

  27. I have some db.crypt files that I am struggling to decrypt and was hoping you can assist?



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