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WhatsApp Messenger Themes For Android Smartphones

WhatsApp Messenger for Android is surely the best application to keep in touch with friends and family. You don't have to pay anything for chat or sharing any kind of files. But one thing that strikes my mind every time, and that is the interface of WhatsApp. Yes, there are some wallpaper available on the Google Play Store that your an download and an apply for chatting. But still the appearance of WhatsApp doesn't change. We, like me, always like to see some different themes for same old software's. Like in PC we change the Windows themes, browser themes, folders themes. This is because we like to see the mostly used applications in different ways and looks.

Similarly, i would love to see WhatsApp in new look and with new theme. But you wont get such themes in the Google Play Store. But to let you know, now you can download WhatsApp themes that are created by YORZUA at XDA Developer Forum. Here you will find some pf the best WhatsApp themes that you can apply to your regular WhatsApp Messenger.

Follow the steps below to change the WhatsApp themes:

1. First, backup your chat history. Then uninstall WhatsApp Messenger Android app.

2. Click here to download and install the WhatsApp themes from the XDA Developer Forum.

Note: If you didn't uninstall the WhatsApp and try to install the themes over it, you will a see a popup "the application you are about to install will replace another application". If you still proceeded, the themes will not be installed. You WILL have to uninstall the previous WhatsApp.

3. Now you can download all the themes form XDA Forum and can try them out.

In simple steps as said by YORZUA:

1. Backup your current conversations
2. Uninstall your old WhatsApp 
3. Install the new version

That's it

Download WhatsApp Themes  (http[colon][slash][slash]forum[dot]xda-developers[dot]com[slash]showthread[dot]php?t[equalto]1524990)

Note: Please read the complete thread for more information. The thread consists some of the problems which the user faced while installing new themes. Also the solutions are provided for them. So please read them before installing the themes.



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