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Rail Radar: Track Train's Location Live!

What if you get to see live trains tracking service? The service which will let you know were your train is? When will it reach to destination? Where your train has reached? and many more such services just by sitting at you home. This has became possible by using Rail Radar. Rail Radar is a service launched by Indian Railways. RailRadar™ is an interactive map which allows users to watch movements of trains which are currently running in India. Rail Radar is a web application which allows users to access location of a train on Map and track movements of trains on a real-time basis. The new RailRadar service is considered to be an improved version of the earlier tracking system ‘Spot Your Train’.

RailRadar uses Google maps to track trains in real-time. The service is only available on 6,500 trains for now, but will be expanded in the future.

How to use this service:

1. Open the Rail Radar website.

2. As soon as the page loads you will see the India map with lots of Bllue and Red arrows. Just dont worry those are the trains that are running on time and some running late, along with the routes.

3. On the top right you will the number of train running, out of which how many are on time and how many are late.

I know they are huge in numbers. Is that the reason trains get late so many times :)

4. On your left you will see a search option, using your train number or train you will be able to see the exact location (where the train is at the point) of your train. If the train is not running it will reflect accordingly.
Note: You can also find trains by entering the stations.

5. By click on any of the arrow, which displays the train either ontime or late, you will see the detail of that train. The details will include, started on, next hault, train name, day and date and other information.

6. To know the details of arrows and routes signs ans symbols click on the Legend tab.

7. You can also zoom in and zoom out using mouse or by clicking on the "+" and "-" buttons.

I think this will help people in one of the best ways to get the detials of the trains. You not only find train status but also the nearby trains, routes on the map, stations and many more. The train data will refresh every 5 minutes and the displayed location and running status of any train are displayed. Google will be behind this schedule by about 5 minutes.

This will able be available for mobile.

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