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Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages Online

WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger app for many services like, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. We have seen a post some days back on how to backup & restore WhatsApp chat conversations. This is mainly used when you need to format your phone due to some reason or your WhatsApp is affected by virus and you need to delete and then re-install it. Also there may be chance that you need to change the look of your WhatsApp by installing new themes.

But now you can also restore them using a online tool called RecoverMessages. This service lets you easily recover WhatsApp messages or pictures deleted from your iPhone or Android phone and serves as a forensic tool.

Lets see how this works:

1. To recover your deleted WhatsApp chats from iPhone or Android using RecoverMessages, first you need to copy the WhatsApp database file (.sqlite or .db.crypt) from your device to your PC.

2. Then go to Recover Messages homepage.

3. Click on the SQSLiteFile and select the path of the WhatsApp database file (msgstore.db.crypt).

How to get a SQSLite or msgstore.db.crypt file:
For Android:
Go to this path: "/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt" (crypted database on SD card, can be created by starting backup from whatsapp advanced settings: settings - more - Backup Chats)

For iPhone:
net.whatsapp.WhatsApp/Documents/ChatStorage.sqlite (You can use an Iphone Backup Tool to get the file, e.g. I-Twin or Iphone Backup Extractor).

4. Now accept the terms of use and click on the Scan button.

That's it. You can also get some more features for restoring your messages  if you create a personal user account. More details available here.

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  1. I tried this but didn't work to recover the chats from eliminated contacts. Is there a way to recover whatsapp messages from a contact that was eliminated before backing up?

  2. Actually it recovers messages before 7 days only. If you want to recover for particular contact i think it wont be possible, coz, in recovering it will recover everything for all contact. So you can find that.

    You can also try for this option;

  3. hi, i can decrypt your history, contact me on

  4. Whatsapp Pocket can recover your Whatsapp chat messages, Photos, Videos and more with ease.

  5. i am trying to recover deleted messages on whats up that dates back to May 2013, the phone I am using is a samsung galaxy ace , any help will be greatly appreicated, thank you.

  6. Hi John,

    It recovers messages upto 3 days only.

  7. Thank you for your suggestion, but if there is any way it can be recovered please let me know.
    again many thank you for your suggestions.

  8. just one more thing the contact was recently deleted about 5 days a go, if i uninstall and re install the whatsapp and add the deleted contact will it be able to recover the chat going back to beginning of May 2013.

  9. i don't mind if it recovers everything from January 2013, is there any way it can be done..

  10. Hello John,

    You must be knowing WhatsApp creates its own backup in the /sdcard/WhatsApp/Database/ folder. As its creates backup files for the current days, it automatically deletes the previous one (last 3 days). Therefore, you can recover only the last 3 days of chat conversation for more you can see the link below:
    Also, one more thing, which mobile you are using, Android or iPhone?

  11. i lost my phone few days back .. and so i do not have the number as well the sd card in which whatsapp data is stored .. i wanted to know two things..

    1. if someone reads the sd card, is it possible for them to read the messages from the database file (backup present in my sd card)?

    2. is there anyway i can retrieve the data, provided i do not have the registered number and backup file?

  12. can we recover files for blackberry 9780.. i have some backup files on my sd card. your reply will be very helpful as i am desperately looking for some earlier conversations which i had deleted.


  13. Hi Ashok,

    First thing, YES, if the message are already in your SD card and if WhatsApp is already installed on your phone, the person can easily read your chat conversation.

    Secondly, There is no other way to retrieve the data, unless you have installed any one of this on your phone. See the link below:

    IF any of the above application(mentioned in the link) is installed on yr smartphone, you can directly wipe your data.

    Hope this information helps you. If you need anything please contact me.

  14. Hi Mohan, WhatsApp recovers only last 3 days of chat (from the date you have taken the backe up). If the files are more than 3 days old, it wont be able to retrieve the msgs. For more you can visit this link:

    Let me know if this helps you.

  15. Is it possible for forensics to recover deleted whatsapp messages and how far back would they be able to go? 3 months , 6 months year perhaps? Would they need your phone in order to retrieve this information

  16. Hi Calvin, i don't know what forensics will be able to do. But why they do such things? If you have someone in your reference, might be they can help you. :)

    Take care. Bye

  17. hi..i accidentally deleted whatsapp yesterday and then immediately reinstalled it buy could not get any of my old conversations.i tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no result.i made a new backup again,accidentally and now is it possible to get back my messages?

  18. is there a software to decrypt whatsapp for Nokia S60 platform?