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Enable Dial Pad Auto Complete In Android 4.3

We all know that Google had recently released the latest version of Android as 4.3 Jelly Bean. We have already covered the new features and other updates that were made in Android 4.3. There were not many updates but still it helped many users in terms of performance improvements. Out of all those features, one of the feature is the ability to auto complete in dial pad.

This feature id already available in Samsung and HTC but was available fro stock Android on Nexus phones. But with this new update, now it has been added to phones. With this updates you can now get the suggestions on names when you type some number in your Nexus phones once you get it upgrade to Android 4.3. This features is available in the phone settings.


Follow the steps below:

1. Go to your Dial Pad and select the Settings options.

2. Under the other call settings, you can see the option “Dial pad autocomplete”.

3. Enable this option and now you can see suggestions when you dial a phone number.

This feature is not available by default with the updates. But using the above steps you can enable it.


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