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When do we use Wikipedia? Or should i ask, why do we use Wikipedia? Whenever we search something, the first result we get is from the Wikipedia. We use it to get the detail information of what we are searching. There is time when we need to search of something for which we need Wikipedia. What if you get to use Wikipedia offline? It will be so easy to search anything even without using internet. A new free Windows application allows you to download the whole Wikipedia, including the images.

An application name Xowa, lets you to download the whole Wikipedia including the images. XOWA is a free, open-source application that lets you download Wikipedia to your computer. Access all of Wikipedia offline. Since the, Wikipedia contains whole lots of information. Its seems crazy to download all this. But also on the other hand it can be very useful. Therefore, you get an option to either download the full English Wikipedia or a much smaller Wikipedia. The full version will contain 1.9 million pages along with 20.0 GB of text. Whereas, the simple, smaller, version contains 180,000+ pages and 90,000+images. You will everything, including text and images, same as you see and read in the Wikipedia.

So its all up to you to choose the original or the smaller version. Once the downloading process will complete and processed, you will be able to run the Wikipedia offline without using the internet. With the use of Xowa, you can even edit the articles, re-write the whole encyclopedia and give yourself the credits and can do many more things.

Xowa is available for Linux and Mac also.

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